Character Creation
Character creation and game set up

Character Creation is accomplished using the Mongoose Publishing RuneQuest II rules.
At this time, those rules are no longer in print. However copies are available online from many web stores, E-bay, and even in .pdf form from sites like, etc.

For those that are not interested in picking up the out of print books, the new, OGL version of the rules is titled Legend. Still provided by Mongoose Publishing, and supported by MGP and third party publishers, that version of the game is available from the MGP site, and is a cheap alternative, with the advantage of being “current”. (whatever the hell that means…)

Finally, the RuneQuest SRD is available online, for free.

There will be small errors and variations in the rules sets depending on which version you have.
The DM’s version will be the default. The systems are all identical. They are all versions of the same game, with the same mechanics and trappings. Only the serial numbers being filed off make them different.

The good news is that this means there is a tremendous amount of source material available for the game to tap into in the forms of rules options, unique sub systems, etc.

The bad news is that the setting for the game, which is the Kingdoms of Kalamar setting is going to dictate which cool options, unique subs systems, etc that are used in the game. IN order to maintain the flavor, theme, and atmosphere of the setting as i see it,we will only be using options that either compliment or reinforce the setting.

The DM will have all of the source material needed to create a fully viable character in the game, from the standpoint of background, origins, and resources.

Mindful of all that, here is the list of guidelines as they stand now. This list may change without warning.

This list changed!
There was no warning!!

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