A Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign game.

This campaign begins in the year XXX, sixty years after the events that took place in the Brittle Bones campaign. It is not necessary to be familiar with the events in that story to understand or to participate in Amalgam.

The new campaign, unlike it’s predecessor, is being run using a bastardized version of several rule sets, including but not limited to Mongoose Publishing’s RuneQuest II, and Legend. The rules are in fact expected to be fluid, as the group explores and tests them.

Amalgam is intended to be played by players that want to drive the direction of their characters within the context of the setting. Players are expected to seek out adventure, pursue personal goals, and take the initiative when it comes to driving the story forward. The setting is going to be presented as dynamic, moving forward and on, with or without the characters being played.

Though i am loath to use the term, some might refer to this type of a campaign as a sandbox. I tend to think of this endeavor as the opportunity of the players, rather than the DM, to weave an intricate tapestry of adventures, heroics, villainy, and drama.

Make no mistake, I intend to provide many, many opportunities to explore, adventure, and engage in actions both virtuous and nefarious. Which ones are pursued, which ones are followed to completion, and which ones remain dynamic parts of the background is entirely left to the cast to decide.

There are several gems, either tied to, or the direct result of, The Brittle Bones campaign, that I am eager to explore with new cast members, and maybe even new players. However it is still their game, and I, as the DM, am committed to letting this campaign play out as they see fit.

The next post will include character creation guidelines, as well as general information about what sources will be valid for inclusion in the process.